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tv   American Morning  CNN  September 3, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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this morning. all along the east coast, people hoping this monster storm will stay away. good morning. it's friday. it's september 3rd. i'm kiran chetry. >> and i'm ali velshi. john roberts is off this morning. this storm has wobbled, moved, changed. it's changed classification. the fact is it is still headed across a very large swath of the u.s. coastline. it's got a lot of people worried. >> that's right. right now we're going to update you on exactly where hurricane earl is and where the track of hurricane earl is expected as the day moves on. first, though, a quick update on a security breach that happened at miami's airport. this was earlier this morning. the feds are now confirming that a passenger was taken into custody and that the bomb squad was brought in after a suspicious item was spotted in the baggage screening area. we have our john zarella on it. he's going to be joining us live with the very latest on this investigation in a few moments. >> first let's get to hurricane earl making its move up the east coast. the category 2 storm has weak epd now. it still poses a threat.
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right now earl is centered about 100 miles off the coast of cape hatteras, north carolina. storm warnings and watches stretch all the way to canada now. >> and hurricane earl is barrelling up the eastern seaboard, as you can see from the track here. it puts eastern long island as well as new england in the cone of uncertainty, meaning it could go -- as you take a look at the cone shape there, the white, it could go further east or further west. we're talking about long island here, new york, cape cod, nantucket, martha's vineyard later tonight. massachusetts governor duval patrick has declared a state of emergency. >> this storm is no longer what it was, but don't tell that to the people along the carolina coast. hurricane earl is hitting the outer banks hard it heavy rain, wind, and surf. >> we are up and down the east coast this morning. we have our reynolds wolf tracking earl's path from hurricane headquarters in atlanta. susan candiotti is in
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massachusetts. she's on cape cod for us this morning. >> allan chernoff is in montauk, the far eastern end of long island, which is inside the cone of uncertainty. and breanna is in ocean city, maryland. rob is in kill devil hills, north carolina. >> rob, earl side swiping kill devil hills. strong gusts overnight. what is it like there now? >> reporter: by about 70 miles, 80 miles the center of it. we've seen some of the gusts overnight. certainly seeing them right now north wind. tropical storm gusts 60, 70 miles an hour. this storm along the outer banks, but it came in with a vengeance last night. not much sleep going on.
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getting reports of highway 12 being overwashed in some areas and some roof shingles and some structural damage, especially on down around cape hatteras island. this thing we were hoping would be a little farther north by this time this morning, but it is just parallel just off the shore right now. that's why we're getting the brunt of the action. haven't been able to make too many calls to officials. as far as what kind of rescue they've had to attempt overnight. we'll assume none. right now power here in kill devil hills, at least where we are, as far as i can see, is still on. even though it's blowing pretty good, you can see right here, i can tell you it's like getting needles in the face with these gusts. so far, so good. this storm, category 2, yes, but i'll tell you this, i forget what even tropical storm force winds feel out here. we're getting banged up pretty good. >> quick question, rob, did everybody evacuate? did everybody get out, or are people sticking this out?
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>> reporter: definitely not everybody. obviously, we're still here. a lot of people stayed. a lot of visitors got out. they had the choice to do that, maybe cut their vacation short. there's quite a few people who stuck around. if i had to throw a ballpark figure out there, maybe about 50% left, 50% stayed. those that stayed, maybe regretting it this morning. >> we see rob out there with tropical storm force gusts. rob, take care. >> cape hatteras also feeling the strong effects of hurricane earl. david mattingly is there joining us on the phone from waves, north carolina. >> you've been covering this storm all night, david. what is it like there? >> we've got reynolds wolf following it. reynolds, what is the latest on the storm?
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we've been hearing kieran talk about no eye to the storm. what does that mean? >> we've been going through what's known as an eye wall replacement cycle. normally, what will happen if the storm is very strong, it continues to rotate in the atlantic. the storm is doing two things. it's moving into an area with cooler water, and also moving into an area where it's going to interact with upper level winds. shear and cold water are going to cause it to weaken. right now winds at 100 miles an hour, some gusts stronger up to 125. the eye is harder to see. there's still a center of circulation, but it's not as clearly well-defined as it was 24 hours ago. what does it mean for people on the outer banks? there's about five inches of water here on this location. but if you followed highway 12, the part that connects the outer banks, right in the middle is an area called hatteras village. and hatteras village reported two feet of standing water on the ground. this is still bringing heavy surf over that part of the road. many of the places just
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unpassable. we know where the storm is. question is where is it going? let's go to the latest forecast we have from the national hurricane center. for that, well, take a look. it's a daunting thing. we do anticipate the storm is going to continue its march to the northeast. as it does so, it's going to do so at a rate of 18 miles per hour, moving north/northeast. it's expected to pick up forward speed. then it will continue to weaken, at least that's what the forecast holds. as we get to 2:00 in the morning on saturday, much of the day going to be off the jersey coastline and moving much closer to boston. as we get to 2:00 a.m. saturday morning, winds at 85, gusts to 105. getting caught up in the jet stream, also being pushed by a frontal boundary coming from the west. that frontal boundary is going to help push the system, deeper, farther to the north, and back out to the atlantic. that's a long time for now. there's a whole lot that could happen. there's still a possibility this storm could make landfall in cape cod. a lot of uncertainty, especially over the next 12 to 24 hours. >> it's not making landfall anywhere else along the east coast? cities on alert, parts of new
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york as well as boston, philadelphia, those types of areas. are they in the clear when it comes to any type of concerns of a direct hit? >> no, they're not out of the clear because we can see storms jump around quite a bit. i'll remind you, back in 2005, we had a term called hurricane charlie that was on a path north towards tampa. this happened back in florida. went completely off the forecast path, made a right turn, cut right across florida, along parts of the i-4 corridor. millions of dollars of damage. there's always a possibility of one of these storms, it could veer. it seems very unlikely. i would say, still, even if it doesn't make a direct hit in boston, long island, or new york, you're going to have tropical storm force winds, hurricane force winds. there's a possibility of power outages for millions of people, flooding along the coastline. could be a rough day, no question about it. >> reynolds, we'll stay in touch with you and rob out there. let us know if anything changes on that. reynolds wolf at the cnn center. now david mattingly on the phone
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from waves, north carolina. david, you've been on this all night. what's it like out there? >> reporter: ali, we've been chasing the storm all night up and down the outer banks. everywhere we've turned, earl has surprised us with just how strong of a storm this is. remember, this hurricane hasn't made landfall, and yet we're seeing all the signs of a hurricane onshore right now. we're seeing the horizontal rain. it has just been pummelling us for the last 20 minutes as earl actually moves past us, and all of this rain moving to the east. it's sort of its way of saying good-bye. but as it moves out of here, it's leaving behind some flooding, a lot of flooding that we saw in the wave area where waves have actually topped over the dunes, poured in a torrent down past some of the houses that are on the beach, and then flooding highway 12, making it impassable. as soon as the storm has passed somewhat and we get into dawn here, the state highway
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department's going to come out and determine what they need to do. as of this moment, this part of the outer banks is cut off because of the flooding. and then we went back to the south, looking at other signs. we saw more minor street flooding down there. in the wave area, it was actually about knee deep in some areas, and the water is moving so rough, it would just about take your feet out from underneath you. again, not something you can drive a car through, but, again, it's not washing the road away. so some small favors here. maybe earl did not do some big damage, but it's definitely making its presence known here. >> dave mattingly for us, as we said, following the storm. he's in waves, north carolina, today. thanks, david. >> we're obviously going to cover this all the way through, but if you're not watching us on tv, you can get us online, is your online hurricane headquarters. all you have to do is go to it's also a place where you can share your pictures and video of hurricane earl. just head to and do
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it there. >> we've got some great video and pictures we're going to be showing throughout the show as well from people, and our blog is up and running. for all the latest. meanwhile, there's another story we've been following this morning that we still don't know exactly what's going on, but there's a lot of questions after an incident at miami international airport. a security scare. >> a suspicious item was spotted in the baggage area. much of the airport was shut down. the bomb squad was called in. the feds detained one passenger. john zarella live in miami with the latest. john, what do you know? >> reporter: ali, kiran, the airport is open. that is the good news. but it was closed for about eight hours starting about 9:00 p.m. last night. what happened was the screeners in the customs area found a suspicious package with, according to airport authorities, multiple items that looked suspicious in that package. immediately, the airport was evacuated. about 100 passengers. it was a slow period that time of night at the airport.
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so very few flights impacted. but four concourses were closed down, and flights that did come in had to be diverted to a couple of the open concourses. as you mentioned, one man was detained. now, a source has told cnn that the man is an american and that he has a history of criminal prosecution and incarcerations. that is what ramped up concern by local and federal authorities here. we believe -- we know the man was taken into custody. we do not know if he remains in custody at this point. we do know the bomb squad has cleared the situation. it was not a threat as far as we know. so, again, the airport is open, but there were about eight tense hours here where the airport was virtually shut down. police had blocked off the entrances to the airport, and it was quite a chaotic scene here as they tried to get a handle on what exactly had transpired. ali, kiran?
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>> john, thanks very much for that. we'll stay on top of that story and bring you any more information we get on who this person who's been detained is. >> also, our hurricane coverage of earl continues right here on the most news in the morning. coming up next, we're going to be talking to the mayor of kill devil hills, north carolina. as we saw from rob's live shot just moments ago, they are certainly getting hit quite hard by hurricane earl. it's also interesting, though, to figure out what preparations are under way. they cancelled this labor day, holiday weekend in places like cape cod, nantucket, montauk in the hamptons. so we're going to be checking in to find out more about this as well. >> there's still this uncertainty. why am i going to montauk if i'm going to get rained on? it's 12 minutes after the hour.
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. welcome back to cnn. your hurricane headquarters. we're keeping a close eye on earl, where it is headed, where it's been. >> earl has been lashing the outer banks of north carolina, driving rain, near hurricane force winds extending some 60 miles west of the center of this storm. ray is the mayor of kill devil hills. he joins us this morning on the
6:16 am
phone. good morning, mayor. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. it's a bumpy morning here in kill devil hills. >> oh, it is. i know this is the mode where you're hunkering down, waiting for it to pass. any idea when it's going to pass? >> kind of hard to say. heavy ponding on the beach road but so far no over wash. at this point, it looks like we may have dodged the bullet on the north beaches. >> when you say over wash, you mean the water has not come over the top of the roads and made them impassable? >> it has not. >> mayor, rob was saying that not everybody has left. what's your sense of how many people have left, and what do the people who have stayed behind face? we can see from a live picture we were just looking at of your position. you still have power there. are you planning on holding on to power? what's your flooding situation look like? >> really hard to say because at some point in time the winds are
6:17 am
going to reverse direction and come out of the west, and we could experience some flooding. i would say about 90% of our tourist population left, and that was about 200,000 people. i would say 90% of our resident population stayed, and that's probably around 35,000 people who are still here in their county. >> how quickly do you think that you're going to be able to get out there, assess things, and bring things back to normal. look, it's early friday morning. this is the long labor day weekend. the unofficial end of summer. >> yes. we're very aware of that, and if this situation holds and we haven't lost our beach roads, the northern beaches of deer county here may be in decent shape for the labor day weekend. we're going to have to wait and see. however, we do have some affected beaches on the other side of our county, and that's the hatteras island portion. i'm not too optimistic about that. i understand there's three or
6:18 am
four feet of water on nc 12 on the other side of morgan inlet. >> mayor, what's the situation with supplies? are there enough things around there for folks as they clean up from this? >> we think so. we had sporadic shortages in fuel right towards the end of the evacuation, and hopefully trucks will be able to get back in here and resupply our gasoline stations. but food supplies are good. what we'll need for the next few days look like they're in pretty good shape. >> in terms of utilities and basic services, rob remarks you guys still had power, at least as far as you could see. are you expecting any major outages? if so, how quickly can you get them back up and running? >> oh, boy, i don't want to jinx them. you never get to know. i was hearing transformers exploding last night, and i was thinking, oh, no, here we go. so far, so good. it's held this far. i've got a feeling we may just get lucky on that. it only takes one big power pole
6:19 am
to go down and take the whole grid out. hard to say, but hopefully we'll hold on to power, and that will really be a blessing. >> listen, we wish you the best. i know you guys are weathering this the best you can, hoping it passes you by with the least amount of damage so you can get back to the fun festivities and, of course, unofficial good-bye to summer there. mayor ray sturza, kill devil hills, north carolina. thank you so much and be safe. >> thank you too. bye-bye. >> guy is in good spirits about the whole thing. at least that's good. we're going to continue to cover it. we've got the most news in the morning here. we're obviously going to cover this hurricane. it's moving a little further up the coast. that's where we're going to be. we're going to go to ocean city, maryland. cnn's breanna keilar is there. she'll have more of the impact on tourism.
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welcome back. we're still covering hurricane earl. lost a little bit of its power. now down to a category 2. that doesn't mean it's certainly not something to be reckoned with. >> at your worst that most of us feel, we felt 25, 30, maybe 40 mile an hour winds. these are big, big winds you don't want to be anywhere around. >> 105 sustained, gusts of 125 miles per hour. it is still strong and having an impact, but thank goodness it did weaken. >> it means it probably isn't going to flatten a whole lot of people's houses, but it is going to ruin a lot of plans. the storm has lost power, and it's also not as well-defined anymore. we'll tell you about that shortly. but it is far from finished, and it is still huge. >> breanna keilar live in ocean city, maryland. we know this is a huge hot spot. it's one of the favorite destinations for people in the
6:24 am
d.c., maryland area, especially for labor day weekend. are people canceling their plans, or are they planning to stick it out? >> reporter: i talked to a lot of people who are planning on coming, and they're still planning on coming. don't be afraid to come to ocean city is the word from officials here. the winds are picking up. we really haven't gotten the worse of what they'reexpecting. we're not expecting it to be as bad as what we're dealing with on the outer banks. we're looking at maybe gusts of wind up to 50 miles per hour, light rain, maybe some moderate flooding. that's what emergency officials tell us they are expecting. this is a big tourist hot spot. there's about 100,000 people here right now, city officials tell us, and they're expecting it's going to swell to about 250,000 over this labor day weekend, maybe the last hurrah for your summer. a lot of people here on businesses really want people to know they still should be coming out. they don't want to lose this business from the tourists who are coming out.
6:25 am
really what we're dealing with behind me, you can see the pounding surf. obviously, these are pretty dangerous conditions, kiran and ali, and they've been dealing with rip currents here for days now, especially the after effects of hurricane danielle last week. there was actually a man who drowned here. while the baecheaches, if you c believe it, are actually open. the water is closed to swimming. the bottom line from city officials, ocean city is open for business. >> the beach may be open. is anybody hanging out -- i guess it's a little early. are they expecting anybody to be hanging out at the beach? >> reporter: no. we were here yesterday talking to a lot of people, and they said they were planning, not on being at the beach today because we're expecting winds to pick up through the morning and midday, but the expectation is that it really kind of blows by in the afternoon. what city officials are saying to people, don't be on the roads. don't be traveling to ocean city during those peak times, but
6:26 am
once everything blows over, they say they're hoping to have everything set up and ready to go for a beautiful beach day on saturday. i think people are out of luck today, though, ali. >> you know how crowded those roads get if you're going from d.c. and maryland to ocean city. it's probably going to be even worse on saturday morning if everyone's holding off. at least they can salvage what's left of the labor day weekend. brianna, thanks. >> reporter: and tonight. >> exactly. >> i love big waves, but you shouldn't go into the ocean when there's a hurricane because -- >> rip currents. >> rip currents. they'll grab you and take you down. >> you can't see them because you're under water. you find yourself getting dragged, and you don't know what to do. >> there are ways to get out of it. >> swim parallel. >> i don't know if i'd be thinking about that. >> swim parallel to the shore and try to stay calm. people panic. >> you shouldn't be near it. don't risk the rip currents. up next, the president signs an emergency disaster declaration for the state of
6:27 am
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welcome back to the most news in the morning. it's 29 minutes after the hour. the big breaking news story is hurricane earl tracking northeast from the outer banks of north carolina right now.
6:30 am
coastal towns all the way to maine caught in the cone of uncertainty. everyone starting to batten down the hatches. >> just from the video, you can see the rain is literally blowing horizontal. >> that's where rob was a few minutes ago. >> kill devil hills, that's his shot. that's where we spoke to the mayor. he understandably wants to be inside on the phone. who wants to be out in that if he doesn't have to be? allan chernoff is on the eastern tip of the island of montauk. storm prep in high gear there. first, susan candiotti. she's in south yarmouth, massachusetts. president obama just signed an emergency declaration for massachusetts, at the request of the governor there. what are they bracing for this morning? >> reporter: this morning it's gorgeous here, as you can imagine. the waves are calm of the there's a gentle breeze, and you can hear the seagulls singing. that will be changing as earl comes by and rolls by tonight. some people have left cape cod, but a lot of tourists have taken off, especially from places like martha's vineyard and nantucket.
6:31 am
however, a lot of people are saying they're going to stick around to see what earl has to offer tonight. georgia is one plucky lady. while some nantucket islanders are heading to the mainland, 80-year-old georgia and her companion jenny are catching one of the last ferries back to nantucket. >> she's a little panicky right now. >> reporter: sure, i understand. if she's a little panicky, are you not a little panicky to be going over to nantucket island where the storm is headed, that direction? >> i don't care. >> reporter: you don't care? >> no, i love it. >> reporter: among those heading back on the ferry is bob o'brien. for him, likely power outages mean money. >> actually, it will bring me work. i'm an electrician, and i'm hoping that it hits. >> reporter: others, mainly visitors, are high tailing it out of dodge. no one can blame the parents of 6-month-old harry for cutting short their vacation. >> we were worried about the
6:32 am
hurricane with the little guy. we want to be off the island. >> reporter: here's the weekly bass river farm market where they sell everything from fresh kale to compost worms and seaweed seasoning. admittedly business is a bit off, perhaps an indication that people are preparing for hurricane earl. for the most part, people are telling us, they're going to ride out the storm. tina says she's been making extra homemade jam ahead of any possible blackouts. >> if they tell us all to evacuate, that's a lot of people, and i would rather be stuck at home with my family than stuck on a highway somewhere. >> reporter: it's the kind of moxie that firefighter jonathan sawyer is used to. a lifelong cape codeder, who's worried people may not be ready if the going gets tough. >> that's what it's like being a true cape codder, stubborn, ornery, and we can handle anything. >> reporter: do you think they can? >> no.
6:33 am
>> reporter: georgia insists she'll be okay. really, do not take chances. >> i don't, not too many. >> reporter: hopefully, she and others will be okay. we're on top of a six foot high sea wall here as we tell you a bit more information. massachusetts has been working with fema to roll supplies into place early and preposition them, including water and generators and tarps and meals. they're also scheduled to open up some shelters later on today, and they have urged some people who live in particularly dangerous low-lying flood prone areas to get out. they're going to be going door to door this morning to make sure people get that message. >> i know people who are headed there. they've already planned their vacations, and they're thinking they're still going to cape cod. it's a little puzzling. >> for all the different preparation that people go through, i thought making homemade jam was one of the more interesting ones we've heard of.
6:34 am
suicide susan, we'll check in with you. thank you very much. >> you've got to have canned goods. >> not a stupid idea having jam. people going out to cape cod for labor day still haven't decided what to do on that. same thing with long island. >> although it's interesting because a lot of the local organizations are making the choices for them, closing things down. the metro north, the mta which actually runs shuttle buses from new york to long island, they're shutting down right now. allan chernoff joins us from montauk this morning with more on this. you know, people still want to make the best of this long-awaited labor day weekend. at the same time, that storm's coming their way. >> it certainly is. so are the waves. check out the action right over here. we've had some very intense waves this morning. i've seen some that are at least seven, eight feet high, and it's only going to be getting stronger because we are about nine hours away from high tide. we're about 13, 14 hours from the storm passing by us, and we are on montauk, which is all the way at the eastern tip of long
6:35 am
island. what's very interesting now, absolutely no wind here whatsoever. surely that will change later on. for now, in terms of the preparations, some hotels in the area, some property owners have boarded up their windows, but not all over the place. the outside furniture, it's either inside or tied up. but i just spoke to a property owner who's been living out here for 47 years. he says he hasn't done anything at all. no preparations whatsoever. last night there were plenty of people out enjoying themselves at the bars, mini golf. i was in the supermarket. it was not all that crowded. people were not rushing to get supplies. what we do have, lots of surfers. yesterday surfers were just loving the big waves out there. they'll certainly be out again today, but they're aware there are some dangers. >> yeah, there are definitely dangers involved. this is the fun part. this is sort of the
6:36 am
pre-hurricane swell that comes in, and everybody rushes out, and it's a great time. obviously, we're all aware that we've got to be careful and tomorrow is going to be a different story out there. >> reporter: well, we'll see how different it is. still about 13, 14 hours away. right now absolutely beautiful here on montauk. back to you in the studio. >> those waves look like something to be a little worried about, though, behind you. they're already brushing up pretty big. >> reporter: oh, they are. they are major. kiran, i absolutely love swimming in the ocean. i don't think i'd do it right now. i'm not a surfer, but i am a swimmer. >> i would have taken you for a surfer too. >> that was just a generally hearty, fun-loving guy. i've got to tell you, when this thing passes, he is set up. he's already in montauk, which takes several hours to get to from new york city. >> 0 so it clears out, he can enjoy it. >> he doesn't have to worry about the traffic. i think there will be a lot of traffic out to cape cod and long island today because people
6:37 am
instinctively don't trust that the weather forecasts are correct. it may not be a hurricane that hits long island, but you're going to get some good wind out there later on. allan's covered enough hurricanes that he knows that's coming. thanks, allan. we're talking also about yesterday, we couldn't believe it. we're sitting in the news room, and we heard about another explosion at an oil platform in the gulf. we, of course, feared the worst and wondered, how could it happen again? >> i put it on my facebook page when it happened. i heard dozens of responses within minutes, people asking, how is this possible? a rig, a fire in the gulf of mexico, 13 people in the water. we're going to talk to him and find out what happened yesterday when we come back. it is 37 minutes after the hour, which makes it 13 minutes -- 23 minutes before the hour. >> you're a mathematician too. we'll be right back. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj.
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all right. my producers tell me that is kill devil hills. that's where -- we know that because that's the deck on which rob marciano was standing. i wouldn't mind an update from my producers as to where rob marciano is, but this guy is
6:41 am
experienced. he's dealt with a lot of these hurricanes. he's safe. he's probably in the truck or something like that. that's the spot he was at moments ago. he said it was like needles hitting him in the face. that is kill devil hills. that rain is going sideways there. everybody taking shelter. the mayor was telling us about 35,000 people, permanent residents, have stayed. tourists well gone from the place. what they're hoping is, once this thing passes, maybe there will be an opportunity to salvage some of the labor day holiday. this place really depends on tourists over the summer. more on hurricane earl just ahead. we've got the most news in the morning here. first we want to turn to a developing story in the gulf of mexico. this is amazing. nobody could believe this had happened. there's been another explosion, another oil rig fire. this time, though, no deaths. all 13 crew members escaped. the coast guard says there is no leaking oil. let's bring in don van newen. he's a professor of petroleum science at the university of houston. he will be a familiar face to many of us. don, many people have seen you unfortunately over the last few
6:42 am
months because you have been helping us understand what happened in the gulf of mexico with that massive bp oil spill. you heard about this yesterday. what went through your mind? >> well, first of all, just like everyone else, i think, i was very concerned this could be another serious disaster. but very quickly i learned that this is a different situation. we don't have a well that's out of control. when you have a well that's out of control, it's a lot worse. all the well heads that they had, the seven active producing wells, were secured properly. all the safety control valves worked. and as we were able to see later in the day, the fire was put out quickly, and all of the 13 people that were on the ship, on the vessel were able to get off safely and without injury. >> don, this is a platform, a production platform that has a number of wells attached to it. there were talks about natural gas and oil, and a number of people asked me, how is it either natural gas or oil?
6:43 am
>> most oil wells have natural gas with them. that's why there can be more than one. they probably have a couple of reservoir units they're producing that are 100% gas. some will be mostly oil but part of that will have gas in it. so in all cases we normally have oil and gas coming out of wells, and sometimes we just have gas. >> you see the pictures there on the screen of relief vessels that came in, helicopters and stuff. is this the normal response, or is this because of what happened in the bp oil spill, when we hear about a fire or explosion in the gulf of mexico, there's a better response. >> i think this was a relatively normal response. i do think that they were very careful to get out there and make sure the fire was taken care of quickly. it was not as big of a fire, nor is it as big of a rig as we saw
6:44 am
at the deepwater horizon, and there's actually less product on this platform even though it is a production platform, so the flames were a lot less. and when you're not fueling the flames with temperatures ns of f barrels of oil, it's a lot easier to put it out. basically, they had a couple of thousand barrels of fuel or stored oil on board that was on fire, and that was it. there was no flow of additional fuel to make the fire much bigger and much more dangerous. >> what have you learned since yesterday about what may have caused this fire and whether or not we have reason to believe there were safety issues on this particular platform. >> i have not learned any specifics on how it happened. i do know that a lot of times when we have small fires like this, either you have some sort of grinding tool or a torch and a settling, cutting torch or something else that creates sparks and fires in the wrong part of the platform that can
6:45 am
start a fire. they'll probably find something like that, but i don't know any details at this point. >> don, it's good to talk to you. always enjoy talking to you. if you and i had less conversations, it would probably be good for america. good to see you, though, and thanks for being available. kiran? 45 minutes past the hour. we're going to check in with reynolds wolf. he's been tracking hurricane earl. he'll have the latest on the storm's location, where it's headed after the break. and also a debate, governor's debate in arizona, the two candidated there. awkward moments for jan brewer. we'll show you what happened, little bit of a meltdown, and what she said about it afterwards.
6:46 am
6:47 am
6:48 am
welcome back to cnn "american morning," the most news in the morning. i'm reynolds wolf. we're keeping an eye on this hurricane, a monster. hurricane earl has weakened. at this point you can't even see the eye. it's falling apart. it's moving into an area of cooler water. at the same time, it's moving into an area with strong upper level winds and shear. still, it's a dangerous storm. winds of 105, gusts to 125. you can see latitude and longitude, it's on the moving to the north. question, what is it doing right now? as we speak, we've got heavy rainfall coming down on parts of the outer banks. we've got video taken just a
6:49 am
short while ago that's going to show you exactly what people there are experiencing. let's show you video if we can right now. rain coming down, not just straight down, but also sideways. the winds have been intense. as we come back for a few moments, what i can tell you is on the outer banks, near rob's shot, rob marciano's shot, up to eight inches on the ground. i can also tell you in some places near oregon inlet bridge. in rodanthe, they have nearly two feet of water crossing the roadway. much of that will be impassable for the next several hours due to the storm. we know where it is and what it's doing. question is where is it going to go? for that answer, we turn to the forecast from the national hurricane center. the storm is expected to continue to move to the northeast. it's doing so at about 18 miles per hour. the center is about 80 miles from cape hatteras, north carolina. in a couple of hours, it's going to be off the jersey shore and moving very close to boston and cape cod. if this storm were to deviate a bit more to the west, it could
6:50 am
still make landfall in the cape cod area. that's why we have hurricane warnings in effect for all of cape cod, including martha's vineyard. that's going to be the situation as this storm gets very close as we make our way into the late afternoon and tomorrow morning. this storm should be east of boston and moving just east of the main coast early tomorrow morning. by 2:00 p.m. saturday afternoon, moving to the bay of fundi and then farther north. for the very latest coming up, you're going to want to stay right here on cnn "american morning." 3q for the worst allergies i want a product
6:51 am
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6:54 am
also new this morning, more strange and revealing details about james lee. this is the man who was killed by police on wednesday after taking three discovery channel employees hostage. in 2003, lee was sentenced to 18 months in prison for smuggling illegal immigrants into the country. also yesterday, cops detonated four more devices at a nearby house where lee was staying, and they say lee was armed with two starter pistols firing blanks, not handguns. >> that's what we heard when we saw the video. we were hearing these explosions. found out later it was indeed being detonated by police, thank goodness. well, there is a bit of a controversy in arizona. there was a debate that went on in the governor's race. >> understatement of the month. bit of a controversy in arizona. >> although i have to tell you,
6:55 am
in watching this, you kind of feel for her. have you ever lost your train of thought where the more you started to panic, the more you can't say anything? >> kiran, you are very kind in saying that. i have never lost my train of thought the way jan brewer did. i have lost my train of thought, but that was a stunning performance. >> the governor of arizona, jan brewer, in a debate with her challenger that she's trying to win the seat. >> and he's way behind in the polls. the democratic challenger, terry goddard. he's way behind. >> we'll see if that's the case after this debate performance. this is right at the beginning. this is the opening statement. typically, you would memorize or be able to sort of articulate your thoughts right off the top of the debate. here's what happened. >> i have done so much, and i just cannot believe that we have changed everything since i've become your governor in the last 600 days. arizona has been brought back from its abyss. we have cut the budget. we have balanced the budget. and we are moving forward.
6:56 am
we have done everything that we could possibly do. we have did what was right for arizona. >> you don't feel for her? >> i just think it's strange. that's not sort of losing your train of thought. something very strange was going on. >> it seemed like a little bit of stage fright. we'll see. >> she's talked to media before. she's given speeches. she's been right in the front of this -- >> big debate over. >> she's not a newcomer. to me, that was surprising. >> we are going to talk to arizona tv reporter who covered the debate because something else happened during the debate. she made a reference to beheadings in the arizona desert, and her debate partner -- her debate opponent called her on it and said, wait a minute, where's the proof this happened?
6:57 am
later, when she was questioned by reporters, instead of answering the question, she said thank you very much and bolted. >> very strange performance by jan brewer. we're going to find out what's going on there. we also have complete team korchl of hurricane earl coming your way after this break.
6:58 am
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get out of town, move north, and stay ahead of the hurricane here. >> hurricane preparations under way for some people. that hurricane is passing by. for others, they're not sure when it's going to arrive. right now hurricane earl is creeping closer to the mainland, up and down the east coast this morning, they are watching, and they are waiting. good morning. it's friday, september the 3rd. i'm ali velshi. john roberts is off this morning. >> and i'm kiran chetry. glad you're with us.
7:00 am
we've been following this throughout the night. we have updates for you. millions of people along the east coast are bracing for the impact of hurricane earl. the storm is brushing past north carolina's coastline. it's really being felt in those barrier islands, the ones that are just exposed to the atlantic. they're getting heavy rain blowing horizontally because of those near hurricane force winds. >> earl is expected to remain just offshore as it moves north. that's the hurricane itself. that doesn't include winds that are extending, in some cases, 100 miles from the eye of that hurricane. its forecast is to pass close to long island, new york, cape cod, nantucket, and martha's vineyard later tonight. it's still an unsteady storm, and the cone of uncertainty continues. that's what you're looking at there. that's the white cone. that's the area that it could veer over to the right or the left, to the east or the west. massachusetts governor duval patrick has declared a state of emergency, which will speed disaster aid to the state. >> so right now we're live up and down the east coast this morning with our hurricane coverage. we have reynolds wolf in atlanta, tracking earl's path
7:01 am
from the hurricane headquarters. he's getting the most recent updates as we speak. we also have brianna keilar in ocean city, maryland. >> cape hatteras is also feeling the strong effects of hurricane earl. david mattingly joins us live on the phone from waves, north carolina. david, you've been on this all night. >> reporter: that's right. we've been chasing the storm all night, all up and down the coast here on north carolina. just when we thought that we had run out of surprises from earl, within the last hour, the state highway, the main drag that goes north and south through the outer banks, the only way in, the only way out, is now just completely flooded. there's about a foot of water that's been pushed up into the street here. i wouldn't say it's impassable, but you need a very substantial vehicle to get through this water. and it just appeared. we were driving on that road just a short time ago. it was passable. there was no water on it. and now you can't even see the road. so earl, as it is leaving this
7:02 am
area, is definitely leaving the worst of this storm for last. we are seeing the strongest winds, the strongest rains, and now some of the worst flooding that we've seen all night. >> david, just to get a geographical sense of where you are so people understand it. these are the barrier islands, as they're known. they're the ones that are most expo exposed, of course, because of their location to the atlantic ocean and to storms that come through like this. they're about 20 miles south of kill devil hills, where we've been seeing those pictures from rob. when you talk about the road being impassable or being very difficult to pass, people there just who decided to stay are just hunkered down waiting for this to pass? >> a lot of people heeded the evacuation warnings. you saw a lot of the tourists leaving, perhaps. all of the tourists leaving. you have some of the people who live here, some of them decided to stay back, but, again, people have come to learn that they need to respect hurricanes, even
7:03 am
ones that don't come ashore, as this storm has not. and the ones who stay behind are really getting an eyeful of what a near miss of a hurricane can be like here out on these delicate barrier islands. we're seeing a lot of flooding right now that just popped up all of a sudden. we're seeing a lot of wind, a lot of rain, and we're wondering now what other surprises earl might hold for us, as it moves out of this area. again, throughout the night we were thinking that we might get off easy here, and now, just as earl is getting out of here, it's now teaching us otherwise. >> waves, north carolina, one of those barrier islands this morning. thanks. >> that's a little bit south of where rob marciano's position is in kill devil hills. he's also on that barrier island structure. >> here you go. we're going to get a shot right there, a little map to give you a little more perspective exactly where they are. you see right there just
7:04 am
exposed. and there's rob. so earl is passing by you guys, delivering these near hurricane force winds? what's the latest? what does it feel like? >> reporter: well, i can tell you this, you know, the rain was just coming down in sheets and sideways. so our camera got a little bit wet. we had to retreat and go to our backup camera. we're now on the fourth floor of this hotel. so our backup camera can at least stay dry. that's the bad news. the good news, at least you get a bit more of a vantage point of what the ocean looks like. looks pretty upset today. i'm not going to lie to you there. this is a washing machine with waves that are easily 15, 20 feet, as far as the eye can see out there. like david mattingly was saying, especially in the low-lying areas, that is more than enough to over wash the roadways here and in some cases cut off people from the rest of civilization. that certainly is going to be an ongoing issue. is it past us? no. if anything, it's just due parallel to us. in the past hour, while we were off the air dealing with our little camera crises, we saw
7:05 am
some of the worst weather that i've seen since we've been down here. we're getting the brunt of it now. the center of this storm is about 80 miles offshore, but you've got to remember that the wind, at least on the western flank of it, hurricane force winds 60 miles to the west. that would include this part of the coastline. we have seen hurricane strength gusts to 70, 74 miles an hour just down the road from here. satellite pictures showing it churn up. david mattingly said, we went to bed last night thinking we may get lucky with this, but the back side certainly, or at least the western side of it certainly proving to be a little bit of a nemesis here. we still have power. reports across our county.
7:06 am
waves very, very impressive. i will tell you that, as hurricane earl makes its way just off the coastline of north carolina and up the east coast. >> and, rob, we know you're a guy who typically enjoys good waves. we were just talking to allan chernoff, who's in montauk, long island. the waves are building there. he's a guy who likes waves. he says, i'm not going anywhere near these ones. the wind changing direction. when the eye of a hurricane goes over you because of the way it rotates, once you get to the other side of the hurricane, you have winds going a different direction. we were just talking to a mayor, who's worried about that. when we look at the map, when we look at the enhanced satellite image, it looks like this storm is moving parallel to where you are in a way that you're not likely to see a change of wind direction. am i reading that wrongly? >> when it does do this, you're right about this. hurricane ophelia did a similar type of move back in 2005. that was only a cat 1. the problem, when a storm goes parallel to the coastline, you get the winds coming out of the
7:07 am
same direction for a longer period of time. >> right. >> with the way north carolina is in the outer banks, you've got the sound on the other side. and what we saw in ophelia and what could easily happen with this storm is you get a storm surge from the sound side that is much, much worse and much, much more damaging than any sort of storm surge from the ocean side. >> right. >> reporter: so that's my fear. and certainly, as we get the wins to turn a little bit more westerly later this morning and this afternoon, the locals are probably fearing that as well. >> that's what i was wondering because that's what the mayor was telling us. i wanted to get clarity on what that meant. rob, thanks so much. >> on the other side, the barrier is such a small little strip of land. on the other side is albemarle sound, and the last thing they want is the storm surge to come up from the other side. it's moving rather quickly. it's supposed to be hitting the coast of new jersey a few hours from now. it's moving north/northeast at 18 miles per hour. that's good news in hopefully whatever it's doing, it will do it and then move on.
7:08 am
>> and move quickly. we're keeping a close eye on it obviously. the latest images as the system heads to the north and to the east. it's roughly moving parallel with the u.s. coastline. let's go to reynolds wolf, who can give us a sense of that trajectory and its power and the kind of punch it's likely to pack as it keeps moving up the coast. >> one thing you guys were talking about is how dangerous the position it happens to be along the coast, especially along the outer banks. the outer banks, as you guys nailed it, really is a thin rib. if you look at the map, you've got north carolina 12, which is the only road that runs the length of the outer banks, right there. and the big issue, the big fear that we have here, you already have plenty of water that is across much of the roadways. in fact, south of inlet bridge, nags head, it's impassable. same thing, rodanthe, two feet of water crossing there. nobody's going to get by there. the problem you have, as you have this area of low pressure, this hurricane drifting its way to the north, what's going to happen is farther to the south,
7:09 am
the majority of the wind, the majority of the heavy waves are going to be pounding, running counterclockwise around the area of low pressure on one side. then as it begins to pull farther to the north, what happens is you still have that center of circulation, and then you have winds coming from the back side, which is going to cause all this water back here in the sound to pile up on the other side. so you're really getting the brunt on both sides of the system. we know what it's doing. we know it's causing heavy rain and causing flooding situations in massive, massive waves along the coast. the thing is where is it going to go? the latest for that, we turn to this, the national hurricane center, where the forecast still has it making the turn more to the north into the northeast over the next several hours. by 2:00 in the morning on saturday, it should be due east of boston, but keep in mind, there is a chance that it could veer a little more to the west, perhaps making landfall in cape cod. for that reason, that's the reason why we have a hurricane warning that is in effect for all the areas you see shaded in pink, including, of course, cape cod and martha's vineyard. one thing that we have going in our favor happens to be something you can see right here
7:10 am
on the satellite image. this, obviously hurricane earl. look back towards the west. we see a lot of cloud cover that's developing just east of chicago. that is a frontal boundary that is going to be driving its way toward the east. that may be one of the steering mechanisms that's going to keep this hopefully offshore and eventually moving away from the coastline and hopefully away from martha's vineyard and from cape cod. that's the latest we've got from you. a lot of changes can take place in the forecast and the power of the storm. it is expected to weaken over the next couple of hours. everyone hoping that will be the case. we'll send it back to you. >> got our full attention. we're going to check in for updates and changes. also using the massive resources of cnn to bring you the latest on hurricane earl. in just a few minutes, we'll be checking in with brianna keilar. she's a little further north from where we checked in with rob and david mattingly in ocean city, maryland. then at 7:30, we'll speak to the governor of north carolina, bev perdue, as her state feels the first impacts from earl.
7:11 am
at 7:45, we'll check in again with reynolds wolf in the cnn headquarters for an update. >> have we checked in with allan chernoff? >> he's in montauk >> he's got great waves. we're following this online all day. you can follow us at, your online hurricane headquarters, and also the place where you can share your pictures and videos of hurricane earl. to upload them, head to our blog is up and running, head to for all the latest. ot just a warran.verage
7:12 am
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♪ 14 minutes past the hour. it's a busy friday morning here. we're tracking hurricane earl, packing a big punch as it pushes up the east coast. let's take a look at the satellite picture right now. it's bringing some powerful winds, lashing rains, and the latest look is that the storm
7:15 am
has lost some of its power. it's a category 2 now. you can still see 105-mile-per-hour winds can do major damage, especially when you're gusting at 125. the eye is not as well-defined anymore, but, of course, earl is far from finished. in fact, it's expected to gain strength as it hits the open waters yet again north/northeast. >> cnn is your hurricane headquarters. we've got a team of correspondents up and down the east coast to cover every angle of it this morning. let's turn to brianna keilar in ocean city, maryland. brianna, it's picked up since we last talked to you about an hour ago. >> reporter: what a difference an hour makes. we're start to go get a little more rain. here in ocean city, maryland, which is quite the resort town, draws a lot of people from the mid-atlantic region. what we're really expecting is that it's going to be quite a wind event. that said, we're not expecting the wind that we saw buffetting the outer banks. we're expecting it to maybe get up to sustained winds about 30 miles per hour. but you can see the rough surf behind me. this is really one of the issues
7:16 am
here. some of the rip currents, but the bottom line, the officials say, is even though the beach is closed to swimming, it's not actually closed. they're hoping that this blows over, as it's expected to, finishing up here this afternoon. and they're saying ocean city is open for business. there's about, according to city officials, about 100,000 people here right now. they're expecting that over this long labor day weekend, this last hurrah of the summer vacation season, that's going to grow to about 250,000 people. ali and kiran, they're telling people we don't want you on the roads the next 24 hours, but the city officials and businesses are saying, do not cancel your weekend travel plans. they're expecting it to be nice beach weather on saturday, guys. >> sot only thing that has to happen is it has to blow out of there, hoping there's not a lot of cleanup or they're not going to lose power. it is a pain to have part of the busy labor day weekend cut off in terms of tourism there.
7:17 am
>> reporter: that's certainly one of the concerns that they have. one of the things that they've been telling tourists, hotels, residents, make sure that any furniture you have that it's secured. they've moved trash collection day by one day, but lby and large, they're not issuing a ton of warnings. they've taken the lifeguard towers 0 off of the beaches. they're literally grooming the sand. they're maintaining the beach here and trying to make sure that people know that ocean city is still really open for business and that, even though today might really be a lost day at the beach, kiran and ali, that come tomorrow they're hoping that people here are going to enjoy themselves still. >> it's nice that they're preparing the sand for a pretty welcome to the hurricane. that's always the hope. some of the worst things that happen after hurricanes are not the flattening of the houses that we often see, it's that you're put out of business.
7:18 am
your lights are gone. your electricity is gone. when it's a real disaster, you at least prepare for it and treat it like that. some people hope the worst doesn't hit. it's not the worst. it's just bad enough that it could throw you off for a few days. in ocean city and montauk and the barrier islands off north carolina, they're hoping that that damage at least gives them the ability to clean up and get things going for the rest of the weekend. that's a real hope for them in where you are, in ocean city, brianna. we'll stay with you and see how it looks an hour from now. >> thanks, brianna. >> reporter: definitely. >> amazing, her first shot looked beautiful. an hour later -- >> she's getting rained on and a lot of wind. next on the most news in the morning, the new normal. we're going to take a look at what some of the new trends are in the marketplace. of course, we will keep on covering the hurricane. ( revving, siren blares )
7:19 am
7:20 am
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7:21 am
21 minutes past the hour. welcome back to the most news in the morning. we're continuing to track hurricane earl. we want to show you one of the pictures that shows you that even though this storm has weakened, it's still very powerful. that's a look at our enhanced satellite right now. we're going to get an update from rob in just a few minutes.
7:22 am
if you take a look at what's going on in kill devil hills right now as well as waves, north carolina. these are the barrier islands. they're certainly getting a lashing. they're not terribly concerned at this point of complete outages of power. they say about 90% of the tourists actually did heed the warnings and leave. 90% of the residents, according at least to the mayor of kill devil hills, chose to stick it out. they're hoping it passes by quite quickly. right now it is moving north/northeast at 18 miles per hour. it will be there and gone. hopefully, it leaves behind not too much damage. >> kiran, rob is one of the great guys we have to cover hurricanes. it's not just his skill and his experience in hurricanes and the fact that he's a meteorologist. he just e-mailed me to say that the camera got wet, and he is blow drying it. if i were out there and a camera got wet, i wouldn't have a blow dryer. that's why rob is out there. we'll see him when his camera is dry. about an hour from now, people are going to have a whole reason
7:23 am
to get gloomy. we're going to have another jobs report for the month of august. we want to talk about the new normal being created. when we first started losing jobs, it was a shock to everyone and home prices were going down and the stock market was going down. now we're kind of getting used to it. one thing americans are is adaptable. i want to discuss how people are getting jobs, keeping jobs, what kind of jobs they're getting. what kind of changes they're making to their lives to deal with this new normal. amanda is a writer for "money" magazine. she has joined us for that this week. amanda, let's talk about a very substantial shift in ou people work. a job was something that you either studied for or graduated from high school. you went. it was permanent. it was where you worked. you got benefits, and you used to stay there for a long time. that paradigm has been turned on its head and sped up by this recession. >> it absolutely has. no matter what you want to call them, temporary jobs, freelancers, contract workers. the bottom line is they're nonstaff positions. they don't come with health care, 401(k)s, sick days, and
7:24 am
they're becoming more common. the bureau of labor statistics reported from october to may, the number of temporary workers increased every month, and the study of freelancers found they're making more money today than they were a year ago. >> one of the worst parts about this was you didn't get benefits. now with changes to the health care law, that actually is going to diminish in importance over time. it may actually be a better opportunity for some people. >> well, for some people. i think that what's going on here is this generally happens during a recession. companies begin to hire back temporary workers first before they're confident enough to bring on permanent people. they like that they can pay them less and that it's easier to sort of bring them on and get rid of them. then they have more flexibility. but what economists are saying now is at this point in the cycle they thought, we've been increasing temporary workers for a while. they thought we would have more permanent jobs come around by now. so they're thinking, huh, well, maybe even years from now after the recession, this idea of temporary workers, contract workers, it could still be around.
7:25 am
>> some of the finest businesses in america were born in recessions, and partially it's because you get forced out of your comfort zone, and there are a lot of people who always wanted to own that little business. barriers to entry in business are lower than they've ever been before, and that's something that a number of people are doing. >> there are the highest number of people in the past 14 years are starting small businesses today. that's more than there were in the '99/2000 tech boom. it is not easy. you're right. if you look at stats, only about on average half of them turn a profitability within the first year. the average time to start making money is about three years. >> but people are doing, people are trying it. it is the new normal. >> exactly. >> they're getting used to that. amanda, great to see you as always. thanks for being with us. this is going to be the reality that is many of us are facing. we'll see you soon. when the president appears in the rose garden at 10:00 this morning to talk about the latest job numbers, cnn will bring you live coverage. you can also watch, even if you're away from your tv,
7:26 am
online. head to or hit the "live" button on your cnn iphone application, and one hour from now, we will bring you the new jobs report and some analysis from it when it's released at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. >> important news. we'll certainly be following it, ali. thanks. next on the most news in the morning, we're continuing to track hurricane earl. north carolina governor bev perdue is going to join us in just a few minutes. her state is getting hit right now. the barrier islands off of north carolina. she's going to let us know what the plan is and how her state is faring this morning. 26 minutes past the hour. mom, new shoes? old legs. p.a.d., the doctor said. p-a-d... p.a.d. isn't just poor circulation in your legs causing you pain. it more than doubles your risk of a heart attack or stroke. i was going to tell you. if you have p.a.d., plavix can help protect you from a heart attack or stroke. plavix helps keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots,
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this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road. we're 28 minutes past the hour right now. we have more breaking news this morning. officials in miami say that the airport is back to normal.
7:29 am
but overnight a lot of questions as to what was going on after the feds detained a passenger because of a suspicious item discovered in the baggage claim area. now, this morning, even though they're saying the all clear has been given, we don't really know what that suspicious item was. they did call in the bomb squad. they evacuated the concourses. now again this morning, though, the all clear. >> all the concourses except one. this wasn't just one little thing. whatever they thought it was seemed to be serious. we do know that this story is serious. earl lashing the north carolina coast with heavy rain near hurricane force winds. still a powerful storm is brushing the outer banks as we speak. it's moving steadily up the east coast. it's expected to remain offshore, but our reynolds wolf said it could actually pick up strength and make land fall later tonight in cape cod. >> this is interesting. this literally just crossed right now as we were doing the story. we got a single source, u.s. government official is telling us this morning it was a 70-year-old scientist who had a
7:30 am
metal canister in his luggage is the one who is currently being detained. not under arrest, but he's being questioned, basically by the fbi as well as miami dade police at this time. now we do know. they say the canister greatly resembled a pipe bomb. >> but they do say it was rendered safeme. i don't know what that means, whether there was something in it that needed to be made safe, but it is safe. no traces of explosives have been found. one source is telling us so far there is nothing nefarious, and the person may be released if nothing else turns up. >> a metal canister resembling a pipe bomb. obviously, you can understand why they wanted to evacuate the concourses we're talking about and hold this guy. again, no arrests. they may just let him go. >> we'll follow that very closely. john z aechltarrella is on that. the coast guard says there is no oil leaking into the gulf this morning after the explosion on the oil rig. all 13 members of the crew were
7:31 am
rescued. the fire has been put out. earlier, we talked to the director of the petroleum geo sciences division at the university of houston. here's what he told us might have started this fire. >> i do know a lot of times, when we have small fires like this, we have some sort of gripding togrip grinding tool or a torch that creates sparks and fires in the wrong part of the platform that can start a fire. so they'll probably find something like that, but i don't know any details at this point. >> authorities tell cnn none of the men on board were seriously injured. >> that's amazing given we were told yesterday 13 in the water. >> we were watching it as it happened. just that whole memory of what happened the first time around really worried us. but the response to this thing was very fast. it was actually further out into the gulf than the deepwater horizon was, but it was a shallow water platform, and luckily everybody's okay. turning back to hurricane earl now, overnight the storm brushed the outer banks of north carolina with near hurricane force winds and stinging side
7:32 am
sideways rain. >> you can see from that picture what it was like out there. rob marciano riding out the storm in kill devil hills. earlier, rob, you told us it felt like needles on your face. you guys temporarily lost one camera. you have the backup one now. what's the situation? >> reporter: the situation is that we're now on the fourth floor with the camera in the room and tme on the balcony. i'm not terribly disappointed with the camera being down. we'll get it up and running again, but this gives me a great vantage point of what's going on behind me. just pounding this beach with heavy, heavy surf. waves offshore being measured at over 35 feet, and they are rolling in with a vengeance. just got off the phone with county emergency officials. south of here, highway 12, i think david mattingly mentioned this, it is being over washed. that is cut off. folks down in cape hatteras and points south are cut off until
7:33 am
this storm begins to subside somewhat. there's really no signs of that happening. just also got a report of an official observation of 70 mile an hour wind gusts right here at kill devil hills. even though the center of this storm has not made a landfall across the outer banks, the western part of it is proving to be very, very strong with winds gusting to near or at hurricane force, and that is doing some hurt to this beach. so far, at least the majority of the county still has power. that seems to be quite remarkable from our vantage point as earl continues to rake the coastline here and hopefully pulls out to sea in short time. >> 18 miles per hour with what you said, moving north/northeast, 18 miles per hour s that fast for a hurricane? >> reporter: not at this latitude. at this latitude, that's about average, maybe a little bit slow. i was expecting it to be moving faster by the time it got to right about here. it looks like it's starting to pick up some steam now.
7:34 am
front is going to pick it up, and maybe the jet stream will put some gas to it. we'll get it to 20, 25 before the day is done for sure. hopefully, get it in and out of cape cod in a hurry so it doesn't pound them too badly either. >> rob, we'll stay on top of this for you. thanks so much. let us know when you get the second camera up again. we'll get some more shots again. >> as you mention, he was blow drying it. >> had i been out there, i wouldn't have had a blow dryer. >> they're lucky they have power. >> in which case i become more competitive in the ring. north carolina's governor bev perdue is going to be holding a press conference at the top of the hour and talking about the damage. >> right now she's joining us live to break the news here first. governor, thank you for joining us. we know you've got a lot going on this morning. tell us what you know about the situation. >> good morning to a lot of you and your viewers. the good news is we dodged the bullet in north carolina. the bad news is you just
7:35 am
telecast this storm is still hitting deer county. the reports we're having all over the coast is minimal damage. lots of roads and lots of over flooded waters, but no major physical human damage, and we're still trying to get an assessment of physical damage. the lower coast, the southeastern part of the state is open for business on labor day weekend. we opened up wilmington, hanover county beaches. we opened up moorehead and atlantic beach. the disaster is over, they're fully open. and we're trying to ride out deer county, and we'll know by midmorning what time those beaches will reopen. >> certainly, you want to get that message out because, of course, it's the unofficial end of summer, the labor day weekend. you rely on the tourism industry obviously. we spoke to the mayor of kill devil hills. it's interesting. he told us about 90% of the tourists heeded the warnings and evacuated but 90% of the residents chose to stick it out. is that about what you expected, or were you hoping that more people would leave the barrier islands?
7:36 am
>> you know, i live on the coast myself, and sometimes you just stay. the good news for us in north carolina is that, if we do decide to stay, the residents' evacuation was voluntary, not mandatory. we all know how to cope. we have our emergency kits. we've done it before. and this storm proved to be not a dangerous storm. i believe, if folks really felt like a 4 or a 5 was coming, they would get out. the tourists really did evacuate. our response has been fabulous. we've had no mistake from the state to the local to the federal level. this has been good news for north carolina. so we're thankful that it's nearly over. >> you said a lot of people stay, governor. the fact is that north carolina has been lashed before by tough hurricanes, and they've been worse. you've lost lives. you've lost property before. are you feeling like this is now gone, or are you worried about what happens for the rest of the day? >> well, i think we're all anxious to get the property assessment from deer county. that's where the erosion has been so bad on the beaches at
7:37 am
kill devil hills and nags head. but, again, our people who do stay understand clearly the danger they assume. my message clearly has been get out. we'd much rather be safe than sorry in north carolina. that's the message the state will continue to articulate. again, we feel like we've dodged a bullet. in north carolina the sun is coming up. it's going to be a bright sunny day for our folks. we welcome the tourists back. >> certainly a lot of optimism, and that's aed good thing. governor bev perdue, great to talk to you this morning. thanks. >> thank you so much. we're 37 minutes past the hour right now. we're talking about a story that had us scratching our heads yesterday. chicago police holding a meeting with gang members. they were criticized for this strategy. >> this part, we understand. that's where i was with this story. we were having a meeting with gang members. and then -- >> and then the gang leaders actually sort of held a press conference of their own, if you will, to say, hey, we're being unfairly blamed for escalating the violence, and we're not going to take it. so we're going to be weighing in actually with somebody who is
7:38 am
working to help the community. he once was a gang member. about exactly what's going on in chicago because they certainly had a lot of trouble right now. 300 shootings in july alone. more than 30 people killed. a pretty big feud is still going on. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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7:41 am
19 minutes to the top of the hour. we are keeping a close eye on hurricane earl all morning long. the storm has weakened somewhat. a 500 mile an hour sustained wind gusting to 125 miles an hour. the north carolina coastline is getting a close brush this morning brought along with near hurricane force winds. storm is moving north/northeast at 18 miles an hour. we'll get an update on earl from reynolds wolf in just moments. kiran? >> 21 minutes past the hour right now. we're talking more about the deadly violence on the streets of chicago. there have been more than 300 homicides this year. chicago's police chief just held what was called a gang summit. giving leaders an ultimatum to
7:42 am
stop the killings. now the gangs are crying foul. they're actually holding their own press conference. it happened yesterday. to say that they really can't be held accountable for the actions of others. let's listen. >> is the mayor going to be held accountable for all the corruption that happened under his watch? is the police superintendent going to be held accountable for all the corrupt cops that go out and kill young black men? >> joining us now to discuss the controversy is derek brown. he coaches chicago's street kids at the north lawndale illinois boxing league. turned your life around as well because, as we said before, you used to be involved in chicago's vice lords gang. you've turned your life around. you've helped stop violence in the community by trying to sort of channel young people into more proactive positive things rather than just sort of being on the street sxbiand being subjected to violence. what is going on in chicago? when we talk about 300 people shot in july, four police officers killed in the line of duty, 33 people killed in the
7:43 am
month of july alone. what's behind all the violence if it's not gang related? >> well, basically, the problem goes within, you know, fights within the community and through politics and everything that's going on with the guys in chicago. >> what do you mean by that? what's going on right now? >> you know, just the way life is. you take a guy like myself that was just born in a hostile environment and coming up with all the advertising through tvs, just looking at gangs and highlight drugs on television and growing up in an urban community, once we step outside our doors, that's what we see. it basically plays a part in the leadership that's in the community. >> so you're saying that what
7:44 am
happens is the gang leaders, or people that say, listen, this is how you can make money. this is how you can be part of something, they're sort of able to bring youth in and get them to ultimately in some cases resort to violence? >> yeah, basically just manipulate minds. when you step outside, it's not a choice. somebody like myself is given different choices from that right now. you know, i was once a child who grew up in a community and stepped outside my door to follow leadership. just by the grace of god, i made it through all the turmoils that i've been through. >> right. as i understand it, what the police are trying to do -- and apparently, they're following models that were first used in boston in 1996 with much success. they were actually able to reduce homicides by 30% within
7:45 am
six months. they targeted people that they thought were perhaps leading some of the violence, gangs in this case, and said, listen, get the word out to just stop the shootings, to stop the turmoil, or we're going to crack down on you even harder. parole visits, a traffic citation, we're going to get the fbi out there. and this is something that chicago police put forth, i guess, in this gang summit. do you think that that made sense, that that was something that could possibly work to stem this violence? >> no, it didn't make any sense at all. you know, just instead of giving them an alternative, they gave them an ultimatum. there's plenty of alternatives that they could -- alternative approaches they could have gave them. give them jobs, resources. there's all type of things that's going on in chicago -- construction, you know. through politics. i believe it was all just politics. >> so what do you think the solution is? when you take a look at the
7:46 am
numbers, it's staggering to think that in july alone, 300 shootings. 33 people lost their lives because of violence. you don't think that's related to the gang problem in chicago? >> no, it's not a gang problem right now because in the city of chicago there are no gang structures. there are no gang leaders. the gang structure has been taken down. if you just look through history how it's been set up, you know, they took the leadership down years ago. and through the laws, there's no one stepping up to even try to take control. >> what do kids tell you when you go and try to encourage them, teach them boxing, teach them positive ways? what are they looking for? what do they need to turn things around in chicago? >> what they need, they need guys like myself, community leaders to step up and give them
7:47 am
something else to do. to change their thinking pattern and their mind. you know, i was -- like i said, i was once a kid that was out on the streets following leadership and following the wrong crowd. without no guidance and without the direct guidance, there's all types of sorts of things you can get yourself into. >> certainly looking for solutions in chicago in the wake of really tough summer of violence. derek brown, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> ali? >> all right, kiran. hurricane earl stayed offshore of north carolina's outer banks, but that huge storm is still slamming the state with winds and rain. reynolds wolf is next. he's going to tell us what's happening now, and most importantly, what's happening next with this storm. it is 47 minutes after the hour. hey, smart, we could stay here fothe conference.
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it's a yea 50 milpromise. wi complenta schemaintee and /7 roaide assiance. beusen y ce the st bif, faaronar ♪ . is that ocean city? >> it is. >> we have been looking at this all morning. at 6:00 this morning, it looked like a calm overcast morning. >> now you can certainly see the waves churning up. this is because of earl. everything moving in closer. north-northeast. you saw the lashing, the outer
7:51 am
barrier islands of north carolina. ocean city right now. dealing with rain, showers ahead of the hurricane. 78 degrees now. rain and winds forecast for later today. they are not giving us hope. they are saying this will be out of here and we can -- party town. >> this is a few hour delay weekend. we are all going to go tomorrow morning instead of tonight. reynolds wolf is at the cnn hurricane headquarters. on one level, this is american spirit at its best, right? just weather. >> this is still a serious storm. >> it really is. you have to remember once the storm passes for the rest of the weekend, we are going have unsettled conditions along the coast in terms of wave action and rip currents. real threat from maine south to florida. because we don't have just earl. we also have fiona out there and the combinations of the two systems could make things dangerous. let's deal first and foremost with the top story. that's hurricane earl. winds at 105. sustained, gusts to 225 mvp.
7:52 am
80 miles due east of cape hatteras. they are dealing with heavy rain. and flooding conditions along north carolina 12. that's the road that runs the length of the outer banks. and i can tell i roadser in oregon inland bridge, completely closed now due to the water covering the roadway. this completely covered with a lot of water. the sand has been over, pavement in many spots. roads are going to be impassable. as this systems lifts more to the north it is going to improve in terms of the situation for the outer banks. problem is worst conditions will prevail in places like ocean city. we saw that live image moments ago to the jersey shore and eventually moving up in new england. let's show what you we have in terms of the forecast, national hurricane center. the storm's present position -- let's do a correction, center of the storm, winds obviously in cape hatteras and beyond in
7:53 am
parts of the tar heels state. if you look to the north, it is almost like staring at the barrel of a gun. in the rains of that barrel you are going to have, again, cone of uncertainty and the forecast. you can also have to factor in the possibility of the cone of uncertainty. the cone can move more to the east and move more to the west. if it does more of a movement to a westerly jog, as we get into 2:00 a.m. saturday morning, winds are expected to be around 85 miles per hour. gusts stronger. that would include possibly cape cod. because of cape cod, under a hurricane warning. that includes martha's vineyard, pawtucket. the entire area could be inundated with no only heavy rain, strong waves obviously and very big waves. also potential of coastal flooding, very heavy rain, possibility as this storm comes on through this region. we are not done by a long shot. couple of things have in our favor. one, storm will encounter strong upper-level winds. we call that sheer. second thing is going to be
7:54 am
cooler water as it drives its way to the north. also going to help weaken the system. still dangerous conditions. not just from this one. also from fiona will be an issue along the eastern seaboard throughout the weekend. let's send it back to you. >> all right, reynolds. we will keep covering this and we are doing it on tv. if you are heading to work you will be away from your tv., online hurricane headquarters. also the place you can share your pictures and videos of hurricane earl. upload them and head to and our blog up and running. com com/amfix for the latest. >> this morning's top stories are minutes awant pug including a security threat that shut down miami international air pop. new details the bomb squad called in after finding a metal canister resembling a pipe bomb. john zarrella has the latest. sound of silence at a governor's debate. >> we have done everything we could possibly do.
7:55 am
we have -- >> that was the long st 16 seconds in governor jan brewer's political life. those stories and more at the top of the hour.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. it is friday, september 3. i'm ali velshi. >> i'm kiran chetry. we have a lot to talk about this "american morning." we are following hurricane earl. bringing near hurricane-force winds to north carolina's outer
7:59 am
banks. it is interesting when you hear from the governor and we talked to the governor north carolina, she feels the state really dodged a bullet. where's the storm heading now? what can we expect next? well, we have full team coverage up and down the atlantic seaboard this morning. >> let's go down, though to start with. the security scare at miami international air important. concourses were evacuated the the bomb squad was brought in, passenger was taken into custody after all of that, a suspicious item was found in baggage. we now know what that item was. john zarrella is joining us live to tell us what it was. >> 30 minutes from now we will hear the new employment numbers out there. we expect the release of the employment report for august. it is expected to show that at least 100,000 people lost jobs last month. that's certainly the wrong direction as we look a near double digit uj employment. >> the a.m. fix blog is up and running. go to
8:00 am
>> we begin this hour tracking hurricane earl where he has been, the damage left behind, and also what's next as the storm works its way up the east coast. >> working its way up north-northeast at about 18 miles per hour overnight earl brushed north carolina's outer banks whipping the islands with near hurricane force winds. our team is tracking everything for you this morning. reynolds wolf is in the extreme weather center. brianna keilar in ocean city, maryland, where things are starting to whip up. let's first go to kill devil hills, north carolina. that's where you find rob marciano. how are things looking there? >> getting hairy, to use that term. we are getting bands of rain. now that the storm itself is beginning to peel away a little bit from the north carolina coastline, what we are going to see over the next several hours are rain sideways, gusty conditions in spots. when the rain bands come through, that will pull down the gustier winds. obviously the rainfall as well. we have seen a ton of rain since
8:01 am
10:00, 11:00 last night. that's when things began to deteriorate. 3:00, 4:00 in the morning is when the storm was at its peak. we went on the air, it was raining pretty good and blowing sideways as well. one thing that hasn't stopped is the ocean. that continues to batter coastline with tremendous, tremendous surf and huge, huge waves. you see them rolling in there 15, 20 footers easily. even further out, i see higher ones. reports of 37, 38-foot waves. this will continue to do damage to this coastline on the ocean side. now the sound side, problem of the outer banks is you have two sides to the land. and on sound side once we have the winds switch around we will so a storm surge there and flooding conditions likely. highway 12, the way to cape hatteras, that's cut off south of oregon inlet because of conditions from the heavy surf coming on board. for the most power power is on. there are spotty power outages
8:02 am
across parts of dare county. the winds, as you mentioned, gusting to hurricane strength in spots. and we had a hurricane gust here to 70 miles an hour. even though those storms didn't make landfall here, certainly feeling the effects of heavy, heavy tropical winds. >> rob thanks very much. we saw on rob would hours ago when he was buffeted by that. give you a sense that was 70 miles an hour. you know, heavy, heavy winds that can cause damage and send out the power lines that can flood. cnn is your hurricane headquarters. team of correspondents up and down the east coast to cover every angle this morning. >> turn to brianna keilar. calm at 7:00. wind whipping up. an hour later we are checking in with you. what's it like? >> reporter: more wind and actually a little less rain than we saw an hour ago. it is safe to say you better be pulling out the board games if you are in and around ocean city, maryland, today. as you can see behind me, some pretty serious surf here.
8:03 am
some really serious currents. keep in mind there are no evacuations going on in ocean city, maryland. the beach where i'm standing is open. in fact, if you look down the beach, i know it is difficult to see but there are some people walking on the beach, checking things out. you cannot go in the water. swimmers not allowed inside the water. but the message here from ocean city officials is ocean city is open for business. we are expecting winds really to get -- grow here, get a little stronger here in the coming hours, up to 30 miles per hour. it is not going to be what you saw there on the outer banks. and this is a big weekend. this is the last hoorah for the summer vacation season. city officials telling us they are expecting the area to sfwrel 100,000 people up to a quarter million. and i have been talking to in people who were either making plans to come from the d.c. area to ocean city for the weekend or maybe already here and there is danger this long weekends.
8:04 am
people that are here i spoke are hanging out for the day and hunkering down. people are still planning on coming once the winds pass in the afternoon. here is why. tomorrow about 80 degrees and sunny. it is expected to be a nice beach day. >> 08 degrees and sunny after a day like today in parts of the atlantic seaboard. just hang in there. >> for people that don't know if you are -- look, all these places woe talk about, kill devil hills, cape hatteras, waves where you are in montauk, long island, allan chernoff is, cape cod, these are places -- people live but are definitely places people go and they go on labor day and labor day weekend. these communities if they can avoid losing the traffic that was coming there this weekend, if they can get two days out of it or one day out of it, they want to try to get as many flea market. ocean city, maryland, it is a big magnet destination for people. >> a lot of people actually have the -- there is a -- great deal of people go up there.
8:05 am
there are a lot of people that are there for the summer and went places. it is an extremely popular place. you know, i grew upoutside the area. it is imtding how quickly things will be turned around as soon as the storm pulls out. >> yeah. that's certainly what city officials want people to know. there is a huge boardwalk here that caters to familiar lows and it can be a very busy. we were here on the beach yesterday. there were umbrellas as far as the eye can see. and so certainly today the s a wash. obviously not a good beach day. we spoke with a lot of people that said the weather is nice. we want to get the last weekend in before summer. we are not going to be giving it up. it looks like because what we are getting is milder than we saw in the outer banks and people will be able to do that. >> thanks very much. we will check in with you again. i feel sorry for reynolds. because if this thing stays where it is and it weakens and doesn't end up being damaging, then rob marciano, david
8:06 am
mattingly, brianna keilar, allan chernoff and susan candiotti will have all expenses paid vacations in the hottest spots on the east coast for labor day weekend. reynolds wolf is still at work. >> in fact, the last time you were out in a hurricane you were getting whipped around like no one's biz. >> hurricane alex. i'm hoping that plays out. great the see this pull away from the coast. there are millions of people that call the eastern seaboard home. last thing you want is damaging storm. the way it looks now, beginning to weaken, certainly good news. but still it is a category 2 storm at this time. keep in mind winds of 105 miles per hour. gusts up to 125. from rob's location, he happens to be on the outer banks and has the strongest winds that we have at this time. some of his winds that we have, again, hurricane force. for brett anna happens to be going live near ocean city, maryland. conditions not as stock there. farther away from the center of
8:07 am
circulation. still with this kind of a storm, what you are going to be dealing with will be very, very strong winds. spinning around the center of circulation. even though she may not be getting strongest winds, still there will be enough of that wind at the surface pushing monstrous waves along much of the eastern seaboard. i'm going to draw out the border right here along the coast. past the oyrt banks and damage to the carolinas. you are going have rough surf conditions as the storm moves north. that's the direction we anticipate it will continue. a category 2 as we get to the afternoon. it is going to be crossing just to the east of long island. heavy surf conditions can be expected in places like long island and back over as we get closer towards boston and the storm expected to come very, very close to cape cod and still that possibility, cape cod is still in that cone of uncertainty where the storm could jog a bit more to the east out harm's way or more towards
8:08 am
the west. if that happens, that means that this storm could make its way across parts of cape cod. that would be very heavy surf conditions. we are talking category 1 storm with winds in excess of 74 miles an hour. possibly winds as high as 9 on miles per hour. martha's vineyard, newport to boston. then you have that storm actually lifting its way to parts of the northeast where you can -- you have a surge of that wind spinning counterclockwise, creating heavy surf back into cape cod. you can see the water begin to pile up. the timetable on this looks favorable as we make our way -- fast forward into sunday afternoon and even into monday. storm lifting far to the north and then well north of the u.s. and nova scotia. as we get deep near the weekend, conditions will be better for the holiday. even then you are going to be dealing with very rough surf conditions. not just from the storm but also fiona throughout the holiday weekend. keep that in mind. rip currents, a very real possibility and danger.
8:09 am
i believe they pulled 250 people out of the watt they are past week. >> dealing with 35-foot waves in north carolina. the other thing to keep in mind and mention is we try to give people perspective. you know, we are obviously trying to find the track as exact as we can. you know, so people know what's going on. this stretches 166,000 mills out. bigger than the state of california, square mileage-wise. >> monstrous storm. >> regardless of where it goes, people will feel the effects very far away from this center of the storm. >> absolutely. you come back and take a look at the shot we have, google earth image. there it is for you. take a look at this. you check out the outflow. that stands just to the east of the great lakes. a tremendous thing. if you can pick this up and carry it over, it would cover the state of texas. the only thing that's going to be in our saving grace will pref thent from making a direct hit from long island is actually
8:10 am
what you are seeing out here towards the west. there is a bit of frontal boundary extended down from the great lakes. that's going to be like a plow. atmospheric plow that helps drive this deeper and farther to the north and atlantic. once it gets caught up in the jet stream it is going to increase its forward progress and forward speed and move up and out and deep near the atlantic which is -- can't happen soon enough. >> reynolds, thank you very much for that. we will con to check in with you. when you are away from your tv, we want to get your pictures on tv. pictures of fidel castro. he is giving a speech right now to stun at the university of
8:11 am
havana. he has been raising his profile recently. you don't see fidel castro very often. he left spotlight when he was unwell. he turned his power over to his brother in 2006 because of his poor health. cuba's state-run remember site says this comes in danger of a new war in the middle east with unpredictable consequences with the world. we are watching this and tracking it live for you. >> he had been very ill. actually gave an interview and said at one point he thought he should give up and die. he's now better. >> we had heard reports he had died. that's one of the reasons fidel castro would all of a sudden show up or put out a video that showed he was alive. another story we are following right now is there has been a bomb scare at the miami airport. suspicious item and it caused
8:12 am
massive evacuation and shutdown of almost all of the airport. john zarrella will have that story next. live coverage of hurricane early continues as well. we will be checking in with alan children open. he is on the very tip of long island, new york. they are expected to get the brunt of this as it moves north and east rather quickly. host: could switching to geico really
8:13 am
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8:16 am
16 minutes past the hour. wondering what was going on yesterday at the miami airport. a big scare that meant the concourse was all but one evacuated overnight. a bomb squad called in and here's what they discovered. >> they detained a passenger after they discovered canisters in the -- or a canister in the baggage claim area. john zarrella is live in miami. the airport is open. john, what details do you have about what the canister was? >> reporter: no question about it. it was a very big scare at the miami international airport. airport shut down for eight hours. fortunately a light air travel time. last night into the early hours this morning. 9:00, t.s.a. screenners the customs area found a bag, mtsed
8:17 am
in that bag a canister that looked apparently according to a source close to the investigation like a pipe bomb. they immediately evacuated the airport. the bomb squad was called in. and this device was taken from the airport. before it was taken from the airport, according to source close to the investigation, it was determined it was -- there was nothing explosive about it but it has been taken for further testing. the source also tells cnn that the person who was the -- passenger was detaininged was a 70-year-old scientist. now, authorities tell us here that the fbi during a press conference that that man who was detained has fully cooperated and has not been arrested. he is talking with the fbi and with the metro miami-dade police. at this point the all-clear has been given at the airport. they are just waiting now for the final tests to be conducted at the laboratory to determine what, if anything, was in this
8:18 am
device. and as the fbi agent here told us earlier today, he said there may not have been a crime committed at all. >> the question is, why are they still holding them? do we know? >> reporter: well, he is cooperating and they are questioning him. technically they are saying they are not holding him. he has not been arrested and was never arrested. and he is telling them whatever they are asking him at this particular point in time. for all we know he may by now have been released. >> thanks very much. as soon as you know more about what that was -- >> distinction, detained versus arrested. he was detained in the wake of this. >> they are trying to get better at knowing when a camera is not a pipe bomb. 18 minutes past the hour. breaking news. we are talking about massachusetts. under a state of emergency now officially. hurricane earl is threatening the darken the doorstep on cape cod. unleash powerful winds and waves later tonight.
8:19 am
the government of massachusetts says the emergency declaration will paef the way if and when they need quick disaster and financial aid. >> the eastern tip of long island bracing for the impact of hurricane earl. if the storm strengthens that area could see hurricane force winds later today or tonight. cnn's allan chernoff joins us live from the very tip of long island, montauk. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: we have been looking at the waves here and earlier this morning they were very, very intense. they eased off over the past half hour or so. waves probably about two to three feet high. earlier i could say that they were easily well above 6 feet, major waves at high tide isn't until 3:00 in the afternoon. the storm itself, well, no wind whatsoever right now. the storm forecasters are saying it is still a good 12 hours away. when it does pass, they expect it will pass about 100 miles off
8:20 am
of the coast and be a category 1 at that point. downgraded somewhat. property owners here have been preparing. some of the hotels, some of the property owners, boarded up their windows. many have not. they have been telling us that they are not terribly concerned. what we have been seeing along the beach, though, earlier today, some fishermen and the fishing has been quite good. one fisherman told us he caught five striped bass. we saw one of those bass he caught. >> thank very much. we will continue to check in with you. wow, that's -- >> still out there fishing. >> well, look, fishing you can get away from. and f something goes wrong you can get away. he is committed. we will check in with you later on. we are going to -- obviously covering those areas that are bracing for impact from hurricane earl. even if the hurricane itself doesn't hit you, there are winds that extend hurricane force winds that -- some 90 miles from the eye and very heavy winds.
8:21 am
almost 200 miles from the eye. we have the coordinated of emergency atlanticing, he is in barnstable, massachusetts. we will talk to the supervisor in east hampton long island. we will find out what preparations are under way for those that are there if this gets bad. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
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8:25 am
you can take it and cover texas. >> how do you know that? >> i read. >> it do we not get that information? you know what i got? the size of the state of california. >> 660,000 square miles so there you go. >> okay. >> they did tell you. they want you to do some figuring out. international space station. breath take. >> wow. >> that's a big storm. lot of people say it has been downgraded. 4, 3, 2. it is still a very big storm with very high winds. as the storm moves north-northeast, nature i was and tourists along long island and cape cod could find themselves in the path of dangerous hurricane force winds. >> to see how they are preparing we will check in now with sean o'brien. he is in south yarmouth, massachusetts. supervisor of east hampton, new york, bill wilkinson. thanks for being with us this morning. sean, let me start with you because i know that the way that it looks right in our, you guys
8:26 am
could be bracing for perhaps the worst of it. what plans are in effect right now? what are you telling people out there? >> right now we are telling people, especially on our outer cape, expect tropical storm force winds, maybe hurricane force winds and some gusts. additionally what we have done is made sure we have shelters open. we have -- we will be open five of our regional shelters. >> go ahead. >> opening up five of our regional shelters in east yahmouth, sound of sandwich, barnstable. we are just getting ready to open up our multiagency coordination center, too. tow try to -- if we need resources, get them down to the cape. >> you haven't had a big problem hurricane for some time. obviously the folks out there are used to weather. how do you -- in a place -- i'm going to ask the same thing of bill in a minimum. in places like this, cape cod or
8:27 am
long island, where you don't know what is going to happen and what may happen, may happen before nightfall today. how are you asking people to prepare? you have these shelters open. are you people planning on coming to them as far as you know we are not quite sure. we want to make sure they are opening in case people had to leave. by the sounds of it, we are not expecting that much storm surge. we wanted to so if there were any power outages. there is a potential we will have power you onnages on the outer cape. we are trying make people prepare themselves. we want to make sure people have proper safety and evacuation plans for their own home. we have been trying to get the information out to them through websites and public service announcements to try to make sure people know there is a storm coming. we have not seen anything like this since bob. we really -- it has been a while since we had a hurricane.
8:28 am
vigilant and constantly be aware. >> one of the things that's different you worry about the trees blowing over and power outages. as you are say thing is the end of summer. how are you preparing for that? also, you have such a huge influx of tourists around this time of year. people love to be in at the time water. are you concerned about the surf as well? >> we think we will see large surf especially on the outer cape. and so people definitely need to be very careful and you will probably see -- don't go in the water depending on the community. what will also occur because we have so much foalage we will see power outages. we haven't had anything like this since hurricane bob. if hurricane bob is a barometer which happened in august, we could have extended periods of time should the winds be strong enough. wear we do no have power. >> let's go to bill wilkinson.
8:29 am
he is the supervisors of the town of east hampton, montauk, where allan chernoff is right now. what are you doing to prepare for this? >> welcome to montauk. we started to open up the emergency operation center from the town of east hampton. montauk being part of the town of east hampton. about 11:00 this morning we will open up ann emergency shelter. we will also provide an animal facility there for caged pets which is the first time for the up to of east hampton because we respect our pets out here. especially our labradors. between that and the coast guard -- not the coast guard but the lifeguards closing down the beaches, i ask everybody out here that's within ear and eye shot of cnn to respect what's going on out he because the condition can get pretty
8:30 am
treacherous over in next 24 hours. >> thank for joining us. we will keep an eye on what you folks are doing out there. sean o'brien is the coordinator for barnstable county regional planning. good luck to both of you today. we hope the worst does no compass but you are well prepared. when we come back, the economy. jobs are shall u number one. we are almost at the new report for unemployment for august. i will bring that as soon as we come back. d, d, i wake up in pain every day. i want to know why. i want to know why my hair is falling out. how did this happen? how did this happen? a little pain in my knee. that's how it started. that's how it started, this rash on my face. now it's like my body is attacking me. i want answers. announcer: when you don't have the right answers, it may be time to ask your doctor the right question. could i have lupus? since our beginning,
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welcome back.
8:34 am
we are just poring over the jobs numbers. we got the report in for august. it is one of those things you say it is good news but it is not good news. the bottom line is 54,000 jobs were lost that we found out for the prior month. but we were expecting a lot of government jobs to be lost. more than 100 thousand because of census jobs, temporary census jobs ending. bright spot perhaps is that private sector added 67,000 jobs. again, the net total is 54,000 jobs lost for the month of unemployment rate 9.6%. >> you may call this a glass one-quarter full. or something like that. we have people here to tell us what their thoughts are on this. legalger, sean tully, editor-at-large at "fortune" magazine. let me go over to the wall and give the viewers a sense of perspective of the job losses. i want to go back to january of 2008 when the job losses began. i was very small back then. very small losses. see how this went. this developed by the time
8:35 am
january of 2009, we were losing 700,000 jobs. i think that month. we went through the spring of 2009 and like that. then throughout the end of 2009, you could really see this economy improving. look at the job losses. really got better. before the end of 2009, see the green, we actually gained jobs. then we slipped down again. 2010 shows up and we are on a tear. it is very clear that this economy is getting better until a couple of months ago. we started losing jobs and we lost 131,000 last month and in june, july, and now we have august number where we lost 54,000. here's the good news. good news is we have private sector jobs coming back. the good news is that the trend of losing seems to have broken a little bit. sean tully, i bet you will tell me that glass is not one-quarter full. >> this is actually not such bad news. we are looking at unemployment rates in the u.s. really haven't
8:36 am
seen since early 1980s. and in the early 1980s, very strong and unemployment dropped sharply. in the u.s. we never had 10% unemployment rates for long periods. in late 2008 through 2009, as you just showed with that very helpful chart, companies cut as if we are going into a great dee dee pregs. they need to hire people back. unless we move to european unemployment rates, which is extremely unlikely, we are going to see much better numbers going forward. we began to see them this month because the growth and private jobs more than offset the decline in government jobs because of the census losses. that's things go in big cycles. we are in the upcycle. >> lee, just to have you offer perspective when we see those big numbers in green, earlier part of the year, lot of it was because of the stimulus. we added jobs, government jobs, because of the stimulus, many of them temporary in this case. >> sent cuss jobs. >> now we are seeing the private sector and as sean said this
8:37 am
hasn't been the case adding 67,000, almost feeling that -- there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. >> private sector number was estimated to be 41,000. we are beating expectation which is is something we haven't done in a while with the jobs mark i. those earlier months up until may, the economy was going -- not gangbusters but growing pretty heavily. greg a lot earlier this year. in may everything stalled. since then we have seen negative disappointment after disappointment in the job market and everywhere in this number today, 100,000 was -- the expected number for total and came in as you said a lot lower than that. >> the unemployment rate actually went up from 9.5% to 9.6%. we were talking in break, we were breaking down tin does trees where we have seen gains. there are real gains in the private sector. we have all acknowledged this. but the cloud hanging over us or -- the daschle daschle fant in the room, are we headed for a
8:38 am
double dip recession n we had evidence that perhaps not entirely so. >> i don't think we will go into a double dip. there's always some probability that could happen but it is low. one in u.s. history in 1937. again, these things go in big cycles. when you have the kind of monetary stimulus we had, dear own interest rates, lowers the bar for businesses. a lot of things to invest in become provable with when you can borrow that cheaply. eventually you will see that pushing the economy forward and growth rates rising from where we are now. so i think the chances of a double dip are very much overestimated. i do think that growth rates will increase. problem we will face couple years down the road is we have to pay the price for all this monetary growth and may be in 1970s situation with much higher inflation. >> if you are sitting at home you can look through the numbers. if you still don't have a job, feel like you applied everywhere and cap get a job, the health care field is growing. what if you are somebody that works in manufacturing and you are an unskilled laborer and
8:39 am
trying to get something in this market. >> lot of the jobs are going away. auto sector say justing from making 17 million cars a year to 8 million to 10 million cars a year. the rest of the manufacturing sector, the jobs are going away this is why the recession hurt men more than the rest of the population. >> are we doing things to retrain and help put -- >> we are trying. >> where they can get other jobs. >> we are trying. we are a long way from seeing where those jobs will be. everyone is talking about health care and technology and education. but we haven't structurally changed the education policies yet to help out. >> to that point, by the way, unemployment rate, break it down between men and women, for men, 9.8%. higher than national average. for women, 8%. women are in the jobs that are growing, health care and manufacturing. great to see you both. >> when the president anears the rose garden at 10:00 this morning, we will be talking about the latest job numbers. cnn will bring you live
8:40 am
coverage. you can watch, even if you are away from your tv, head to or hit your live button on your cnn iphone app. >> business news of the week and tell what you you need to know about your bottom line. how to capitalize on in of this. 1:00 on saturdays and 3:00 eastern on sundays on cnn. jan brewer is arizona's governor had a terribly awkward moment at the debate that she had with her democratic challenger. hear is a little snippet of what went on. >> we have done everything that weigh could possibly do. we have -- >> what's that going to cost her campaign? she's somewhere around 20 points ahead of her closest opponent. she has been the face of this arizona law. we are going to talk about the immigration law.
8:41 am
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we are tracking the path of hurricane earl as it heads up the east coast after taking a swipe at the north carolina coastline. wind-driven rain pounded the outer banks often sideways. as earl passed offor this morning. there's coastal flooding but not the storm surge that many had feared. north carolina governor bev purdue said her state dodged a bullet. virginia and maryland feeling the effects of earl. new york's eastern long island
8:44 am
and massachusetts and cape cod in its sights. earl remains a powerful category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 105 miles an hour. >> turning to politics now. arizona governor jan brewer calls it the longest 16 seconds of her life. if you haven't seen it, when you do you will understand what she is talking about. a televised debate that happened earlier in the woke. the governor delivered her opening statement. she was at an uncomfortable loss for words. here is a look. >> i have done so much and i just cannot believe that we have changed everything since i have become your governor in the last 600 days. arizona has been brought back from its abyss. we have cut the budget. we have balanced the budget. and we are moving forward. we have done everything that we could possibly do.
8:45 am
we have -- did what was right for arizona. >> there was a lot more to the story than just the awkward silence there. christina boomer covered the debate and also pressed the governor later on some of the claims she made about beheadings in the arizona desert. that was something her opponent called her on during the debate as well. thanks so much for being with us. let me say i'm sure anybody who has ever had a fear of public speaking or been in one of those circumstances can sort of feel for the governor regardless of their politics here. what was going on? i know you guys were all watching this debate in a press room. what was the room like when you saw that happen? >> reporter: i have to say as soon as that moment hit, and i tweeted about it -- i was tweeting the debate live, i literally wrote what happened. ing a collective gasp. it is almost as if everyone held their gasp for that second. you know, any reporter has had
8:46 am
that moment, at least once in their career, they lose their train of thought. so there was a lot of empathy for her. you can feel it in the room. everyone has their laptop set up, the media rooms. people are tweeting and writing. for the second when she stops and is not speaking, there's no klatt other the keyboards, no one is talking. everyone is waiting. and thinking to themselves, say something, say anything. just start speaking. i think at that moment, it was just a lot of empathy for her. you felt badly because a lot of us have been in that position and we mo what it feels like to be there. that's a lot of time, as you know, 15, 16 seconds. in tv. >> yes. >> she called at this time longest -- >> that's an eternity. >> she called it the longest 16 seconds of may life. how much will this hurt her? as we said she has been far ahead in the polls. she certainly got a lot of national attention by this controversial state law where, you know, people's immigration status can be questioned and she has taken a lot of heat but
8:47 am
gotten a lot of praise for it by some. is this going to hurt her? >> that's something we have been trying to explore in our own. i have been speaking to political analysts. they are telling me the good news is it happened early september. it is a long way until november. and, you know, when you cover these contests, you know a lot can happen in this stretch of time. they think not only does it give her a nice stretch to hopefully in the eyes of her campaign staffers maybe people forget about it, maybe they just don't even remember it happened, but it also gives her time to recover. as one political analyst said what she did on a local radio show yesterday by making light of the situation, by calling it the longest 16 seconds of her life, that's the kind of thing she should be doing. it is laughing it off and moving forward. the analysts say if she continues to do that, make strong speeches on the topic she feels comfortable with, like immigration, maybe she can still charge forward. >> that wasn't the only
8:48 am
controversial and questionable shaky moment for her during this. to give people a bit of background, her democratic challenger is terry goddard and he pressed her during the debate about what she said be about beheadings in the desert. she said law enforce many found bodies that had been beheaded. after the debate she was hammered by you guys trying to get an answer as to whether or not she was exaggerating or fear mondayd fearmongering. >> that's a serious question, governor. >> this was an inning evening tonight. >> please answer the question about the headless bodies. >> do you still believe that? come on, governor. >> okay, thank you all. >> what do you make -- >> you hear all the collective groans from you as well. did you get an answer? what is the deal with those comments? >> let me give you the update.
8:49 am
on that program, when she did the interview with them, she did clarify which is the first time we heard her clarify her statement saying there are beheadings in mexico. on a local level we have been trying to get the an to this question for months. keep that in mind. the entire summer, she made the comment saying there were beheadings in the desert. i spoke to medical examiners in arizona including all of the counties along the border. they are telling me that they have never seen any beheadings in the desert. in the last ten years, 1700 border deaths and not a single beheading. there was speculation. the medical examiner's offices are telling me maybe it is a matter of semantics. they find in the desert bodies where the head is detached there the body. they at the same times that can be because animals in the area will use those carcasses as a food source. they eat away at the tissue connecting the head to the body. it is disarticulated but not beheaded. other people started saying
8:50 am
maybe she's talking about the beheadings happening in mexico. but the point was that we never heard from her herself. what did she mean? what was she talking about? during the debate, when terry goddard literally kwars the holders to her and says to her, gives her a challenge, and offers her really the opportunity at that moment, will you recant this statement? i think it was the moment in the debate. when she doesn't answer the question, when it comes up again, she is still not addressing it, a question that has been lingering in our community for so many months, as soon as she walked out of the studios, that's the first question hi on my mind you asked and it she didn't give you an answer. there you go. of course, all of this is playing on the national stage as well. we will see how it affects the polling. she's still very far ahead of her challenger. great job. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> what a story. hurricane earl.
8:51 am
that's the big story today. it stayed offshore of north carolina's outer banks. boy, that was good luck. that huge storm is still slamming that state with winds and rains. it is headed north. virginia, maryland, new york, connecticut, massachusetts, we will see what it is doing after the break. a day switch to chevrolet. let's find out why. this malibu is sharp, has great mileage and offers onstar. the hundred thousand mile powertrain warranty caught my attention. it's the chevrolet summer event, which means the only thing left to decide is who drives it home. me! her. me! qualified lessees now get a low mileage lease on this malibu ls, a consumers digest best buy, for around $199 a month. call for details. the switch begins at
8:52 am
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8:53 am
♪ you won't regret it at all vo: offer applies with enrollment in triple advantage. ♪ there you see the waves. this is kill devil hills, north carolina. actually looks a lot better than it did when we checked this with rob earlier. hurricane earl passing through. they are still looking at rain, wind, and more rain later today going up to a high of 91. >> you are so into this thing. you are even out of breath talking about it. >> it takes your breath away. >> it has been a busy morning. reynolds wolf is at the cnn hurricane headquarters. we can be a little light about this because it has not -- it has not hit anything yet. there's bad winds all over the place. >> absolutely. this is very different from what we happen to see a lot of times in the gulf coast. when you have a storm that forms
8:54 am
in the gulf and makes landfall, basically what you have, have you this that's a head-on collision and have a direct punch when you have one of the storms that makes its way onshore say in -- make its way in towards the coastline, even into louisiana. in this situation with it has been a glancing blow along parts of the eastern seaboard. right now the storm still relatively strong. category 2 storm with winds of 105 miles per hour. take a look at the last couple of frames. we have seen some of these areas. it is beginning to bleed in. encountering cooler water and also strong upper-level winds which we referred to as shear. storm expected to still continue north. 18 miles per hour. front develops towards the west. as the storm interact was the jet stream, it is expected to increase its speed northward and as we get to later this
8:55 am
afternoon, just off the maryland coast, off the jersey shoreline, by, say, later this afternoon, into the evening hours, then by boston, 2:00 a.m., saturday morning, possibly going very close to cape cod. then going up in towards the bay into the weekend. a quick wrap on your forecast for the storm. we will keep a sharp eye on earl. >> thank you very much. we will -- you will be working hard today. we will keep on following all of this. let's check in with rob marciano. he is in the shot we showed you, kill devil hills. that's it there. there's rob. he has bed a busy several hours. what's the situation you are? >> they look a lot better or smaller now than they did 15, 20 minutes ago. that's a stage of the storm we are in nows that the pulling away somewhat. we will get the back half of the bands. and any time you get a band in squally weather it will bring down higher winds that are at the upper levels of the storm.
8:56 am
for a while there we were all there. it was nasty, nasty, nasty. coming down sideways and blowing. right now, i mean, we started to see a few breaks in the clouds. that's amazing ocean there. the surf will con to pound this coastline through the rest of today. it has done damage. south of here, highway 12 has been overwashed. no word of a breach or a cut p like hush isabelle did in 2003. we certainly hope that's not the case. as we go through time, some overwash of highway 12 or some water on the roadway, i should say, highway 12 north of here. important addic power powages. much more so around the islands of cape hatteras where there has been reports of one and two feet of actual standing water in hatteras island. that will be coming to an end soon. hurricane earl scraping the coastline of north carolina. another few hours looks like of
8:57 am
dicey weather. then probably bringing us sunshine before the day is done. >> good work out there. thanks very much. we will continue to check on this with you. kill devil hills, north carolina. >> we are going to take a quick break and will be right back. >>o it's a sale. nothing beats a sale! wrong move! you. you can save up to half off that sale when you name your own price on priceline. but this one's a me. it's only pretending to be a deal. here, bid $79. got it. wow! you win this time good twin! there's no disguising the real deal.
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you all want to run your businesses more efficiently,
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♪ all right. >> still seeing it, it is huge. hurricane earl, 166,000 square miles. but at least hearing it from the governor of north carolina, they dodged a bullet. >> we have to see what happens to long island and see what happens


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